Our aim is to inspire, energise and connect your team to help maintain the peak health and functioning of your group so that they can enjoy life both at work and at home.

__ Associated Health Practitioners.

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Associated Health Practitioners are a preventative health and wellness company providing tailored health solutions to corporate groups looking to create a culture of health and increased organisational commitment within their workplace.

We are an interconnected team of highly experienced Medical, Nursing, Allied and Public Health professionals. Together, we bring the most up to date best practice regimen to your business keeping your business abreast of changes in regulations and services in health care nationally.


Incorporating health promotion programs into the workplace to work towards creating a culture of health and wellness creates a culture of health and organisational commitment.


Associated Health offer quality health and wellness services and programs to facilitate a programmed maintenance of your most valuable asset, your staff.

Encouraging a workplace that promotes participation and encourages staff to be proactive about their own health has a direct effect on the overall performance of an organisation.

Associated Health provides assistance to businesses by placing focus on individualised wellness programs that are tailored to meet your business needs, all in the comfort, convenience and privacy of your workplace. We are dedicated to providing a service that is professional, efficient, reliable and custom designed to suit your business requirements.